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Hawaiian Scenery
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Tale of Family Issues

          A girl falls in love with a boy. A few years later they have a bouncing bundle of joy on the way. It's a Boy! She tells her family, yet runs into problems with her parental units. If she does not marry, they plan to disown her. The girl tells the boy, yet he refuses to marry her. She feels broken and betrayed by both sides, and gets lectured of church tales by her parental units for not being married and bringing a bastard child into the world.
          A year later, contact has been broken for a while with her parents, and the boy tells her he is going to join the military because money was scarce and they were struggling to make it. He then asks her to marry him by explaining that they could have a better income if they were married. Then says "So, do you wanna?"... I know what you are thinking, romantic right? LOL!
          The two get married a few months after he joins the military. A few months after that, he is deployed and their marriage takes a few hard hits, but hangs on by a thread. They work on things when he returns and is stationed on an Island miles away from family and friends. She eventually moves to the Island with him, then loses one of the most important people in her life. Her grandmother passes away and the loss leaves her broken. Her grandmother filled the empty place in her life where she was lacking the parental values.
          The girl began working on the relationship with her parental units and felt a slight relief. After time passed and she became lonely, it was revealed to her that she would get to return to the state her family lived in. Her husband didn't have a lot of details, but knew for sure they were returning to a place they both called 'home'. She told her family and began to grow excited to return.
          The girl told her mother the news of her return and found out that her mother was planning to take a trip to her 'home' state. The girl was hopeful to see her mother and younger brothers again. She couldn't offer any more details on specific dates, but she promised to tell them as soon as she got news. In the mean time, her mother continued planning her trip to visit. The girl was happy because she knew her mother usually visited her 'home' state in December, and she would be home by then. She even suspected she could be home earlier.
          The husband came home one day with papers in his hands that stated that they would be flying home in just over a month. She had a date set, and immediately went to tell her family. She signed onto her computer and opened up a website that her family used and typed in the information. After hitting enter, she scrolled down to read updates from everyone. She found out that her mother had finished planning her trip and planned to leave soon, so she contacted her mother for details.
          Instead of waiting for word, her mother was making a trip just weeks before she was due to arrive. The girl felt stunned for a minute and asked her mother why she planned to go so soon. She asked why her mother hadn't at least planned to make her trip around the date she heard she would return. In reply, her mother told her that she didn't know when she was coming.
          The girl disconnected the conversation and sat in deep thought. She had a rocky relationship with her parents for a long time, but that little bit of information cut right through her like a sharp blade. She couldn't understand why her mother wouldn't wait a few short days for confirmation. Her mother even chose to fly instead of drive as she traditionally did when visiting. When piecing the puzzle together, the girl began to wonder what was going on.
          When driving, it took a longer time to reach your destination across the states than it did to fly. Her mother knew that she was returning soon and bumped up the date in which she was visiting. The girl started to wonder if her mother had changed all the details of her visit so that she could see family and return to her home state before the girl arrived. It was looking that way at least.
          Today, the girl's mother arrived in her 'home' state. She looked at the pictures of her brothers on the flight and fought back the tears that threatened to spill onto her burning cheeks. She wouldn't get to see her brothers because she was stuck on an Island many miles away.
          She could visit when she got home, but that would tack on another flight after she got off one that lasted half the day. The finances also got in the way of such a trip because the trip home was hard on the pockets as it was. Aside from all that, she had much to do. Find a place to live, register her cars in the new state, change information on various forms, wait for her belongings to be shipped from that Island to her home, and take the time to settle in her new place. Not to mention spending much needed time with family she missed so dearly.
          The girl also had to face the place her grandmother lived. That was a hard thing to do even without the stresses of the move and finding a new place. The girl wished that her parental units could understand that the things that waited ahead of her were going to be a big enough challange. She wished that when she asked them to plan their trip so that she could see her brothers, that they would have done so. She also wished that her parental units could just show that they cared about her and want to see her, not tell her "Oh well, you will just have to come visit us when you get home."
          "Sorry mom," The girl said. "That trip just wont happen any time soon. There is much I have to do, and I simply cannot fit that added trip into my schedule."
          Even with the anger and feeling of betrayal, the girl wanted to visit so that she could see the brothers she loved so dearly. "I miss you." She whispered as she cried herself to sleep. The whisper was meant for her grandmother as well as her brothers.
          When will the constant heartache end for this girl?

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